Best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India

India is ceaselessly developing, with the development of aeronautics it has opened up new roads of opportunities. This has created demand for better aircraft technology and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India.

India is ceaselessly developing, with the development of aeronautics it has opened up new roads of opportunities. This has created demand for better aircraft technology and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India. The buzz has drawn the attention of youth because more of adventure and practical learning.

Career as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aircraft, as we all know, is a masterpiece because of man’s creative applications and technological achievements. But as a fact they are machines which require regular maintenance and service as they carry a huge number of passengers. It is the Job of an aircraft maintenance engineer to keep a check on helicopters and airplanes in between flight schedule to make sure they are safe to fly with passengers.

To become a maintenance engineer there are two types of roles one is to work for line duties such as in-between flight checks, minor avionics and refueling, mechanical and electrical tasks and the other role is of base maintenance like to do stringent checks, repairs and fault diagnosis.

Apart from this career in AME includes a huge range of courses such as general aircraft knowledge, air law, meteorology, flight performance and planning, radio navigation, principles of flight and human performance and restrictions and much more. These AME courses in India can be used as a link to an additional education or even as for training.

The Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or AME Colleges in India they are providing students with the chance of learning something new with future opportunities. All these include an understanding of law and limitations, awareness of weather, communications and analysis of skills that each of which is helpful in the everyday process.

Learning from DGCA Approved AME Institutes in Delhi is important as they ensure all the standards of the aviation industry. Even it is equally important to go to a college which known to be the best Placement College in India for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.  

IIA Group of institutions is premium name offering part 147 Aircraft Maintenance Program and is amongst the best aircraft engineering colleges. Also, it has helped professionalize the Indian Aviation Industry. 

EASA College of Engineering in Delhi

The Aircraft Maintenance has emerged as one of the most attractive career options after passing 10+2 in Science stream. This is because successfully passing the AME course in India offers wide opportunities not only in the most respectable Airlines in India and the world but also opens up many career options in the entire aviation industry. EASA is the global authority that is vested with very powerful authority to set the standards for aviation design, safety, construction and maintenance procedures.

Part 66 aviation regulations pertain to Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) and detail the terms & conditions that need to be fulfilled before an AME is authorized to grant the certificate of airworthiness. With the release of an aircraft into service after a set of maintenance operations is the most important part of AME’s duties, it is incumbent on any aspirant to undertake this course. This is imperative if one seeks global aviation career as it is recognized in all EASA member states.

At its most basic level, Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) course is a 4-year technical training course that empowers the aspirants to be eligible for obtaining avail an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License – issued by the DGCA and EASA. There are many EASA Approved Institute In India that is authorized to grant EASA License In India– and there are a few in Delhi too. IIA Group is a reputed AME Institute in India and offers EASA License Training in India.

What is Part-66 of EASA authorized License Training

Part 66 of EASA regulations detail the exact conditions that maintenance engineer is supposed to follow before being authorized to release after maintenance operations. The conditions contain both minimum education requirements for AME plus type rating qualifications for specific aircraft or tasks. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) verify and authorize aircraft maintenance engineer license applications.

Part-66 is specifically limited to maintaining aircraft of 5700kg MTOM and more and these licenses are issued under EASA Implementing Rule (IR) that recognized in all EASA member states as it is a is a recognized European aircraft maintenance license. An aircraft maintenance license issued by a country other than the EASA Member States cannot be rendered valid as EASA Part-66.

Part-66 licenses cannot be issued by the countries other than EASA Members, one needs to apply for a Part-66 license only if you have never been licensed. For this, each module needed for the specific requirements needs to painstakingly find out and then the formal examination has to be successfully passed.

Moreover, between two and five years of practical experience will be needed during which there is a need to formally record the experience in an approved engineers log book. For bright Careers in AME, it is advisable to get admission to the Best Placement Colleges In India among the available Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or Aircraft Engineering. IIA Group is one of the most renowned AME Institutes in India to offer EASA Part 66 Training.