Basic Training Modules in EASA PART- 66

The (EASA) is the centerpiece of the European Union’s strategy for aviation safety. This is designed to promote the highest common standards of safety in civil aviation. This is also designed for environmental protection in civil aviation.

In IIA Group, there are highly qualified instructors are available. They provide the best training of various aspects of Basic Training Modules in EASA PART- 66. These training modules are exclusively designed to boost and develop professional competence. Diploma In Aircraft Maintenance Engineering confirms the procedural standards for aeronautical personnel.

EASA Part-66 regulates the knowledge requirements which are required for certifying staff in approved maintenance organizations. Following are categories of certifying staff:

  • A Maintenance Certifying Mechanic
  • B1 Maintenance Certifying Technician – Mechanical
  • B2 Maintenance Certifying Technician – Avionics
  • C Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer

Following is the Eligibility Criteria the candidate needs to fulfill before going under training procedure.

  • Candidate must have minimum Age 15 years.
  • Candidate must possess Secondary Education Certificate (SSC).
  • The School Leaving Certificate (SLC).
  • Candidate must be medically fit and must possess the Medical Fitness Certificate
  • The Passport should be carried mandatorily by candidate
  • English is growing as the global language, so basic knowledge of English language is required for being eligible.

The Training Modules –

IIA Group Of Institutions provides a flexible, short, modular program that offers the theoretical knowledge approved EASA Part 66 examinations necessary for the full Part 66 license.

  1. Students are taught as a complete full time, lasting between 21 and 25 weeks.
  2. This can be depending on the type of course. There are individual modules which last between 1 and 6 weeks. The tests are held after module examination.
  3. Students who successfully pass module examinations are given a Certificate.
  4. This certificate is the recognition of Approved Examination acceptable to all EASA Member Authorities. The institution offers a full selection of Modular courses.

These courses are run twice yearly. The minimum passing marks are 75% as per EASA guidelines. The examinations are held at the end of each module. With the completion of the test process, the candidate is awarded certificate.

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