Short Term Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course

The short term aircraft maintenance which is also known as Line Maintenance/ Cat A1 course duration stipulated for the DGCA approved AME colleges in India as per regulatory requirements is 800 hours of theoretical and practical elements followed by the examination, which is conducted by the Central Examination Office of the DGCA.

This training consists of 10 modules or aviation subjects in total which cover up the basic elements of aircraft maintenance engineering. Examinations are computer based Multiple choice questions for the relevant modules, whose training has been concluded by the AME colleges and are conducted by the Central Examination Office of the DGCA three times in a calendar year.

  • Short Term AME Course Duration: 1 Year
  • Eligibility: 12th with PCM / Diploma in Mechanical Engineering / Diploma in Electrical Engineering / Diploma in Electronics Engineering
  • Minimum Age: 17 Years
  • Seats Available: Limited 60 seats only
  • New Session Starts: 15th April 2024

Benefits of Short Term AME Course

The benefit of pursuing a line maintenance aircraft engineering program is that, first it is a short duration program which provides you with skills and knowledge to maintain and repair aircraft systems, ensuring their safe operation during the transit period. This short term Aircraft maintenance engineering course can open up various career opportunities in the aviation industry.

Roles and responsibilities of Aircraft Line Maintenance Engineer

As a line maintenance engineer, your roles and responsibilities include conducting routine inspections/pre-flight inspections, troubleshooting and diagnosing aircraft issues, performing maintenance and repairs, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and documenting all maintenance activities within Transit Period (30-45 minutes halt). Line maintenance/Category A1 engineers play a crucial role in keeping aircraft optimal for safe and efficient operation.

Placements of Aircraft Line Maintenance Engineer

IIA Group offers excellent placement opportunities for line maintenance/Cat A1 engineering students. We have a strong network of industry connections and partnerships, which can help the students to secure job placements in reputed airlines, maintenance organizations and aviation companies.

If you are looking for a short term duration program this is a great option to consider for a promising career in the aviation field. For more details please check our Placements.

Why should anyone choose this Short Term Course?

Becoming a line maintenance/Cat A1 engineer can be an exciting career choice for several reasons in a shorter duration. Firstly, it allows you to work directly with aircraft and be a part of their maintenance and repair process. If you have a passion for aviation and enjoy working with your hands, this field can be incredibly fulfilling.

Additionally, the demand for skilled line maintenance/Cat A1 professionals are high, which means there are ample job opportunities and potential for career growth. It’s a dynamic and ever-evolving field that offers a lucrative salary with a chance to work with the most advanced technologies and be a part of a vital industry.

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