Best Career Option After 12th PCM

As a student who has passed out from 12th standard in PCM, a wide variety of choices await. Engineering remains one of the most stable and respectable that brings recognition as well as financial returns. Once you pass 12th standard in PCM, the huge amount of options means that choosing the best courses becomes very important. As each has their merits and demerits, utmost care has to be taken to ensure that the career choice goes with the aptitude, talent and the returns. Without making this crucial choice a Rewarding Career right that ensures a better life can be missed.

Many options and branches are available within the Engineering stream though none of this Graduate course can be completed in less than four years. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is an exciting career option if you want to pursue a career away from the normal and the humdrum.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) comes with the package that can bring you respect status and returns. It is also looked up to as it involves loads of responsibility, being responsible for the safe flying of millions of passengers. The basic job profile of an aircraft maintenance engineer is to ensure that the aircraft is airworthy and in perfect working condition by ensuring timely through maintenance. Inspections are also their responsibility to prevent any mishap they have to carry out any repairs if any fault is detected. As Aviation Safety is so crucial and thousands of passengers’ lives at risk, the entire course that grants AME licenses comes directly under the government. The course is under the direct purview of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ensures that each and every system fitted in the aircraft is in perfect operating condition throughout its flight operation. The role of an AME is as critical as without their certificate the Aircraft cannot fly. Without this fitness certificate that is under the control of an AME, no aircraft can fly anywhere in the world.

After completing the course from Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in Delhi, you will be acquainted with EASA Part 66 Aviation Regulations. This is the critical part that will give the exact knowledge of the conditions needed to declare an aircraft fit to fly after maintenance.

One has to obtain Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Admission into AME Institute or AME Colleges for completing an AME Course. Though Aircraft Engineering and Aviation Engineering are offered as part of Aviation Courses After 10+2, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or AME is a three-year course. Unlike other engineering courses, upon completion of where upon completion, you get a license to practice.

The scope of aircraft engineering as a career is rapidly expanding in India. As more Aircraft operators come into India, the number of aircraft and the need for their maintenance will only grow. Thus the need for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers can only go sky high!

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