Difference Between AME & Other Courses like Aeronautical/ Aeronautics Engineering?

Students who wish to work in the aviation industry can choose among AME & other courses like Aeronautical or Aeronautics Engineering. This industry can be categorized into three phases. These phases are aircraft design and manufacturing, maintenance and flying. Aeronautical or aerospace engineering is about designing and manufacturing of aircraft while AME is about providing training for maintenance.

You go under Four-year B.Tech and five-year M.Tech dual degree programmes are for the aerospace or aeronautical engineering. These engineers are different from maintenance engineers.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers-

  1. When we are in the air terminal, we can see the pilots and lodge group strolling by us. We start admiring their marvelous career. However, do we know who the one in charge of maintenance of aircraft is?
  2. That individual has Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers; he is the one answerable to ensure that an aircraft is safe to fly, to convey travelers or loads.

How one can become Maintenance Engineer –

  • How to become a Maintenance Engineer? Well, first of all, it is your love for aircraft which would lead your way.
  • Now you need an institution from where you can get required training.
  • IIA Group is that institution from where you can get required training to become the aircraft maintenance engineer.

Maintenance Training –

  1. This institution provides full basic training program according to EASA Part 66 For Aircraft Maintenance License training for Category B1.1.
  2. All aircraft maintenance engineer must have a license from local aviation authority.
  3. After going through training process you will have the training certificate to exercise your privilege which is to certify that an aircraft you have inspected is fit for release to service.

What do they teach you during Training?

During the first year of AME Training, students will be provided basic information about aircraft rules and regulations.

During the second year of training, students learn general engineering and maintenance. The students study subjects like aerodynamics or theory of flight, metallurgy, and electronics. They are taught how to handle sophisticated equipment. The training for practical work in machine rooms and on aircraft engines is provided.

In the third year, the students are taught about specific areas. They are taught to impart specific knowledge like light aircraft, heavy aircraft. Those who qualify the examination will be awarded a license. Now, these engineers are authorized to inspect the aircraft and certify its fitness.

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