EASA AME Course Eligibility Criteria in India

Indian Institute of Aeronautics, Delhi is among the top Aircraft Engineering Colleges In India that gives enthusiastic students an opportunity to become aircraft maintenance licensed engineers.

EASA which stands for European Aviation Safety Agency is European Union’s strategy for aviation safety and it promotes the highest common standards of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation. So, the Institute of aircraft maintenance engineering “IIA Group offers varied courses in aviation and EASA Part-66 License is achieved after completion of EASA part 66 full basic training programs which are run for Category B1.1. It is highly in conformation with international quality and procedural standards for training of personnel.

This training is meant for those individuals who want to pursue their Career As Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and it ensures to train those individuals too who are not having any substantial previous technical qualifications or experience in the field.

Now, telling you about the eligibility criteria for EASA Part 66 Aviation Courses, the candidate should be a minimum of 15 years of age with SSC and SLCC documents. He or she should also bear a medical fitness certificate and a passport is mandatory. They should have a basic knowledge of the English Language. There are different modules that are trained under this course, such as Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Fundamentals, Electronic Fundamentals, Digital Techniques, Materials and Hardware, Basic Aerodynamics, Human Factors, Aviation Legislation, Gas Turbine Engine, Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems, Propeller, etc.

After the end of module training, the AME course examination is held where an individual has to perform written exams and it is mandatory to attain a minimum of 75 per cent passing marks as per EASA guidelines. You can visit IIA Group Of Institutions to know more about the course and practical training elements. You shall be informed about the ame course fees upon request and believe that attaining such a useful course will not go in vain but rather enhance one’s overall development, personality and skills.

IIA, Delhi is known as EASA Part 66 college in India, they offer 2 years duration training for gaining basic experience and 2 years duration training for actual maintenance experience. The latter course helps in the exposure to the working environment with chances to perform scheduled assignments and tasks. One can register for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Admission with our website. After attaining this ame course, the majority of students fly high as Aircraft Engineers And Aerospace Engineers. That is the best part of it!

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