How to Get EASA Part – 66 AME License

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is the apex agency under the European Union (EU) that is the overall in-charge of safety in the aviation sector. It has the task of regulating and execute tasks that relate to every single aspect of civilian aviation safety. EASA is the body authorized to issue an AML license once training at an authorized and approved EASA Part-147 Training center is completed. Demonstrated work experience in this industry may also be required. Obtaining the license is necessary to practice as an AML. This calls for the passing of the test for Associate Membership Exam certification conducted by EASA- (European Aviation Safety Agency) Aeronautical Society of India. This is only possible if one is enrolled exclusively in EASA approved institutes. Only these are authorized to impart such training that is needed in passing the membership exam. Upon clearing EASA Part 66 Aviation Courses internal exams Section A & B, only the EASA can award you an AME License.

The Requirements of EASA Part 66 Course

The IIA group having the apex Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in Delhi also offers the EASA Part-66 Training In Delhi, approved by the European Union at AME Institute. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is a European Aviation Regulatory Authority that sets the guidelines for aviation design, safety, construction, and maintenance of an aircraft. Among the various EASA Part 66 Aviation Courses, the IIA Group offers training in Category B1.1 that is, Aeroplane fitted with Jet Engine, which corresponds to the Mechanical aspects of an aircraft. For this Actual Maintenance Experience, IIA has tie-ups with multiple organizations in India & Europe to enable the student to acquire Aircraft Maintenance License. One of the major Technical Partners is our national carrier & member of the Star Alliance, Air India limited. The AME Course has emerged as one of the most attractive Aviation Courses after 10+2.
For a successful career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, it is important to enroll in an EASA part-147 training center. Though the difference between others and enrolling with an EASA part-147 approved center like the IIA is not clear in the beginning, later it becomes very clear. The amount of time required to obtain the all-important Licence is very different if you do it from other institutes. In others, while you may have to spend up to 7 years in IIA it takes 2-4 years. This has implications for your careers. EASA Authorized training facilities like AME Institute, impart a 360-degree Training that enables you to build an exciting career. These Institutes train you in subjects like The curriculum of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course includes subjects like
a) Mathematics,
b) Physics,
c) Electronic systems,
d) Electrical systems,
e) Digital Techniques in Aircraft Instrumentation & Systems,
f) Materials & Hardware,
g) Aerodynamics,
h) Jet Engine turbines Construction & Systems,
i) Maintenance Practices,
j) Propellers,
k) Aviation Regulations and
l) Human Factors that are critical to the aviation industry.

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