Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in Demand?

The aviation industry is booming – both locally as well as globally. Consequently, the demand for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers is rising exponentially as the opportunities grow in India and elsewhere. As more people prefer air travel and the Aviation Industry keeps growing, experts accept that the future for aviation jobs is very exciting. By 2019, the industry will pour more than $2 trillion into the global economy. It would also have created an enormous 100 million jobs globally as the industry adds employment directly and indirectly.

As the aviation industry is a global index of the economy, brings revenue and generates employment, all governments boost it to improve the quality of lives. However, as the industry grows wings and more airlines add aircraft to the ever-expanding fleet, there is a growing shortage of professionals too. In such a scenario, students who have successfully undergone Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course or are experienced in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering have a spectacular future ahead.

Factors for Demand for AMEs

The demand for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) graduates is growing in India with the rapid development of this sector. Apart from premier Airlines like Indigo and Spice, many foreign airlines have also jumped into the fray in India like Emirates and Singapore Airline. All these companies endlessly search for qualified, competent professionals as young, energetic and dynamic students coming out of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges In India are in short supply. The opportunities are not limited to local airlines as Indian AME’s are preferred in companies abroad too.

Globally, figures released by the UK CAA reveal that while fleets are expanding, the AME’S have less than halved in certain countries. Not only is there a visible shortage of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering personnel but the gap is widening bringing good news for aspirants. So it is almost assured that nobody who has done AME Course from AME Institute would sit unemployed after successful completion. 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers know that they work in an exciting industry. They gain prestige by the fact that they are responsible for the safety of millions of flyers. They also enjoy higher salaries than other comparable technical personnel. Yet, there is a shortage of skilled AME’s. Nearly 85% of the global personnel in this field are aging and more specialists would be needed all over in the next 20 years.

Apart from being respectable and well paying, this field is very flexible and is more accommodating than most jobs. One can easily switch to related fields like technical sales, maintenance team management once one gains required experience. Not surprisingly, thousands of jobs are posted globally for AME’s. Though Aircraft Engineering is one of the best Aviation Courses after 10+2, there are other options too. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is very attractive from AME Institute as it’s the Best Placement College In India.

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