Complete Guide – Is AME a good career option?

A career as an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) is a fantastic choice for anybody interested in working in the aviation business. Positions in the aviation sector are highly visible and provide significant opportunities for growth and it is a good career option.

The role of an AME is one such opportunity. The AME is responsible for the overall safety, security, and maintenance of an aircraft. As a result, engineers specializing in aircraft maintenance are in great demand.

For an AME in India, the normal yearly salary ranges between Rs 3 Lakh and Rs 7 Lakh per annum. Their abilities will be taken into consideration while determining their compensation. So you can get a degree at Top AME college in India.

Scope of AME

The duties of an aircraft maintenance engineer are diverse and include anything from doing maintenance to troubleshooting problems to conducting inspections. Before the aircraft takes off, the Certificate of Safety is checked and signed by the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers on board.

How long is the degree program to become AME?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Duration is a four-year license program that prepares students to work as professional aircraft mechanics in the aviation sector. For the most part, instruction in aviation maintenance engineering is provided by DGCA-accredited training institutions. By DGCA standards, these institutions’ curricula, training, and facilities are up to date.

Accordingly, such applicants are authorized to appear in Paper I, Paper-II, and Paper III after completing the three-year curriculums at the individual institutions in question. Admissions to these schools are handled separately, and there is no centralized application or counselling procedure.

Being an aircraft mechanic isn’t difficult if you have good attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and the ability to work with your hands. The importance of this profession to the industry cannot be overstated. Air travel as we know it will come to an abrupt end unless aircraft mechanics’ efforts are continued.

Mechanical engineering is preferable in aircraft employment since it does not limit your potential to influence people. Even if a company needs the services of an aviation specialist, a mechanical engineer with the necessary qualifications may hire.

Qualification required for applying for an AME degree

Depending on the institution, such as AME college in Delhi, the curriculum may last anywhere from four to five years, with certain programs also providing master’s degree options. Working as an AME in the aviation business is a terrific opportunity.

If you need to learn the aircraft maintenance engineering program, you can choose the best DGCA approved ame college. They offer the most modern equipment to increase the skill of students.

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