Opportunities for women in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft maintenance engineering is one of the branches of engineering that is an international licensed program. Aircraft maintenance engineers are the most trained and qualified who received a license by the Dicteroarte General of Civil Aviation, Government of India. For perfect placement, the first thing you need is to get enrolled in the Best Aircraft Maintenance College in India. You need to inspect the infrastructure and professional faculties thoroughly to have a perfect Aviation profile.

Aircraft maintenance engineering is really a respectable and responsible field. Since our society used to believe that is a male-dominated field, so, only 5% to 6% of women can be seen. But gone were the days when women used to perform major roles in the airline industry as pilots and cabin crews. With the rapid changes and valuing equalities, more females are opting for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses. It’s a highly demanding sector where both men and women can make a better future for themselves. Just like any other engineering field, women can also maintain their craft in the working condition, there is a huge demand for women as Aircraft maintenance engineers in the aviator sector. AME is responsible for the safety, security and maintenance of aircraft. skilled level, reairing, replacement service, rebuilding &maintence are some duties that they have to perform. You can search on google for Top colleges for AME in India so that you can get some ideas and can easily compare the institutes and select the best for pursuing your AME course. 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering salary in India.

AME graduates usually land up in the best Aviation sector and offer one of the highest-paid -packages. The average AME salary package in India will range from Rs 6 Lakhs. to Rs 7 lakhs. Even for the freshers, the starting packages would not be less than Rs 5 lakhs. The salary package in foreign is also very appealing. 

The working sectors where an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can work: 

AIRLINES – it’s a company that provides transportation service, carrying people and goods from one place to another in aeroplanes. 
Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls (MRO) industries – MRO refers to the maintenance of the aircraft and their components such as jet engines, etc. 
Aircraft Manufacturing companies – companies that deals in the manufacturing of aircrafts such as Airbus, Boeing etc. 
Aircraft operation organisation – organizations like ICAO, EASA etc. that deals with well being and protection of the Aviation industry.
Flying clubs – it’s a not-for-profit organization that provides affordable access to aircraft to its members. 
Aviation training centre – Aircraft maintenance engineers who make other students aware of AME and its scope. 
Civil Defence Force – there are many aircraft which use for various purposes to protect the country. 

Final words 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is demanding in India and is a great opportunity for women to make a future in the aircraft industry. IIA group, being the first AME institute in India provides the best AME professionals in civil aviation and safety. Indian Institute of the Aeronautical group is one the lead AME college in India and have branches in Delhi and Patna. They provide you with the best experience and dynamic faculty that will help you in your path to success.

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