The Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course in India

Ever wonder if aircraft maintenance engineering is a good career or what is the scope of aircraft maintenance engineering courses in India? Then this article will help you to know if the AME course is worth it for you. AME course is the only certified course apart from proper Mechanical Engineering or years of experience in the Aircraft Maintenance Industry. It makes you eligible to get the DGCA’s air maintenance licenses. We can say this course makes you the doctor of the aircraft. You shall thus, be required to cure its ailments, for its maintenance as well as to decide on its air-worthiness.

This professional course makes you skilled engineers who are highly qualified and have great experience, knowledge and more competencies. The demand for aircraft maintenance engineers is continuously growing thus it has a good scope for ame aspirants in India. There are a lot of aircraft maintenance engineering jobs that are readily available for the aspirants. 

How to find the best AME College:

Only a small number of institutes or colleges in India have been approved by DGCA that offer programs or courses on aircraft maintenance. There are also various unapproved institutes offering the same courses. But you must stay away from such institutes.

Only a leading institute can offer you everything and let you learn perfectly. This can help you to increase your aircraft skills to the next level Candidates have to undergo proper training from the best AME college in India and then apply for licenses. It starts with the basics that are followed by the level as needed. 

5 Ultimate Reasons to Choose Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course in India:

  • Nowadays companies are regularly hiring the AMEs as there are more shortages of aircraft maintenance engineers in this world. Currently, around 7,54,000 AMEs are required all across the globe. Therefore AME from popular institutes can get into this job in any part of the world.
  • The UDAN scheme is providing a huge boost to the career of aircraft maintenance engineers. UDAN is making airfare very reasonable for everyone to travel. This drastic increase in passengers results in rising aircraft maintenance engineer careers.
  • India took its initial step in manufacturing civil aircraft. This increases the career opportunities for AME. Those who are looking for the ame jobs can surely make use of this right now without any hesitation. 
  • The air passenger’s growth rate is around 25% and this leads to the new aircraft requirement. Most of the airlines have ordered around 1080 aircraft and this enhances career opportunities for AME.
  • Currently, India is holding the 3rd position in the aviation sector. This is a great achievement. Many passionate and hardworking persons are in India and they are making India proud. Therefore career opportunities for AME increased in India.

Final verdict:

IIA Group is the AME College in Delhi, India that offers this program or course for aspirants who are interested in aircraft maintenance. If you are having an interested in this AME course, then it is the right time for you to apply now. Finally, you can have a better career and shine in your future.

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