What are Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details?

AME is a course and which is neither a course nor a diploma. It’s basically a licensing course that comes under DGCA-DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF CIVIL AVIATION.  DGCA keeps all the information of airline pilots, AME course details etc. for becoming an Aircraft maintenance engineer, DGCA plays an important role, they keep all your academic results.

Aircraft maintenance engineers focused on the testing, qualification, certification, maintenance specifications, testing, test reviews and all other facets with maintenance and upgrades to an aeroplane’s airframe and powerplant. The candidate focussed on the airworthiness of aeroplanes. An AME is a licensed person who carries out and certifies aircraft. You do not become an aircraft maintenance engineer right after completing your course. You’ll only become eligible to write for the AME license paper.  The exam was conducted by DGCA, so before choosing the best AME institute, make sure it is approved by DGCA.

Eligibility criteria for AME course:

Before taking admission to any AME institute in India, you have to fulfil all the criteria that the AME course has set up to enter the aviation industry and become an Aircraft maintenance engineer. 
● – The candidate must complete his 12th with PCM from a recognized board. 
● – AICTE approved diploma holders can also apply for the AME courses.
● – The candidate should have a clear medical certificate from a recognised MBBS doctor. 
● – The candidate should not have any kind of physical disability like colour blindness or limp etc.

 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course details:

AME course has the following streams 
A-  person with A license holder maintain, repair and fix the defect of aircraft. 

A1- deal with simple defects in the aeroplanes with the jet engines. 
A2- deal with simple defects with the aeroplane with the piston engines.
A3- deal with helicopters with jet engines and works as a technician. 
A4- deal with helicopters with piston engines and work as a technician. 

B1- People with B1 license holders issue certificates for the mechanical part, power plant and structure of the aircraft. 
B1.1-  they certify the aeroplane with jet engines. 
B1.2- they certify the aeroplane with piston engines.
B1.3- they certify helicopters with jet engines. 
B1.4-  they certify helicopters with piston engines. 

B2- People with B2 license holders issue certificates to the avionics, electrical, and radio equipment installed in the aeroplane.  
Since we have already discussed that completing the AME course is not enough you have to clear the exams as well and get the license, so here is the procedure for an AME license
● – You have to clear the IIA CET AME Entrance Exam and complete your AME course.
● – After getting the certificate of recognition, you have to complete the modules exam conducted by DGCA. 
● – After clearing the exam, you must do a job in any airline pr aviation industry. 
● – After getting the experience set by CAR 66, you’ll be able to proceed with your application forward to the DCGA.
● – Apply to DGCA for rural and theoretical exams. The exam will be conducted by the central examination organisation of DGCA.
● – After clearing the exam, you’ll be awarded an AME license.   

You’ll get many options for AME colleges in India, be sure to compare all the pros and cons of the institutes and only after a thorough checkup choose the best one. IIA group is the first AME institute in India to provide the best AME professionals. IIA is one of the best colleges for AME in India. You can contact us or visit our website to clear any doubt about the course and admission. 

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