What are the Career Opportunities after AME course?

Every aircraft needs to be certified for its fitness before its departure. It is a big responsibility on the shoulders of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer to make these flying machines airworthy. Many people have no information but wish to know how to join the aviation trade, what do AME’s do, how much do they earn, what is the Scope Of AME & career opportunities available to them?

In order to join the technical positions in the domestic aviation industry, one should enroll in the DGCA approved AME Institutes in India. These Institutions are approved by the competent authority after demonstrating the training and quality standards required to run an AME Course, complementing the Industry demand. The primary advantage of completing Basic training from the Best College For AME is the Industry interface. Few institutions holding repute in the aviation industry facilitate for their students to apply for the apprenticeship, preparing them for the interviews and keeping them informed about the upcoming openings &vacancies in the aviation sector.

The career opportunities for the AME’s are mainly focused on to Govt and private airlines, Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) organizations, flying clubs, private aircraft operators or General aviation, Govt Civil Aviation department, and armed forces utilizing civilian aircraft (eg. Border Security Force). The pay scale for an AME varies with the size of the aircraft and the types of aircraft certifications that he/she is holding.

Most of the Top AME Colleges of India is situated in the Northern region due to close proximity to Delhi International Airport, which is the biggest domestic aviation hub engaging all of the domestic and international airlines. The career scope of a budding AME enhances if they undergo their Basic training from the AME Institute In Delhi, so as to avail best of the opportunities in the ever-growing localized domestic aviation market.

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