What do Aircraft Maintenance Engineers do?

Maintenance, repair, and inspection of aircraft are the responsibility of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Aircraft maintenance engineering work on planes, aviation mechanics must complete training and certification requirements set out by the Federal Aviation Administration, often known as the FAA. Engineers who work in aircraft repair must be prepared to work long hours and comply with tight FAA regulations.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Responsibilities

An aircraft maintenance engineer ensures that the aircraft is constantly in excellent operating condition and that all passengers and crew members are kept safe. It is the primary responsibility of an aviation maintenance engineer. Repairing, diagnosing problems, inspecting, and upgrading aircraft are the responsibilities of mechanics and maintenance engineers.

An aircraft maintenance engineer works with various specialized aviation and power tools, computers, diagnostic devices, and x-ray equipment throughout their work. An employee in the maintenance industry may be required to climb ladders or stand on scaffolding to perform their job duties. Maintenance engineers must conform to all applicable FAA rules and regulations while carrying out their responsibilities.

  • conduct safety checks on all aircraft systems to verify that they function properly and conform to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) rules.
  • understand how to use diagrams to identify and fix problems with outdated components or systems
  • ensure that members and systems function properly
  • inspect buildings using electronic test equipment rather than by disassembling them (non-destructive testing)
  • maintain a record of the fixes you have made.
  • Licensed aviation engineers are also responsible for inspecting and approving the work done by other aircraft maintenance engineers.

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Employment conditions are described in detail below.


Engineers and mechanics often go to distant countries to support airline operations at foreign airports. An “aircraft on the ground” (AOG) situation occurs when an aircraft becomes stuck due to technical troubles. You may call upon to assist in an AOG situation. Rotating shift patterns are frequent in the workplace, and they may include weekend and night shifts and regular workday hours.


Both interior and outdoor labor will be expected of you throughout your tenure. In certain cases, depending on your workplace and the nature of your profession, you may be compelled to wear a specific kind of protective apparel. For example, aircraft maintenance engineering workers can conduct checks in a maintenance hangar or on an airport ramp.

Engineers who work on aircraft maintenance must be familiar with the following 

  • Systems and equipment for aircraft’s electrical, mechanical, and structural components
  • An understanding of aerodynamics and how various materials behave during flight, and a set of processes and repair methods that may meet the needs of a particular aircraft
  • Safe procedures in the workplace and the aviation industry.

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