What is the difference between Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Aircraft Maintenance Technician?

In the trade of aircraft maintenance, terminology like an engineer, technician or mechanic creates a lot of confusion. These terms develop a common perception on one’s work ethics and authorization statement while working in the aviation industry.

In India or abroad, the technical manpower which works as certifying staff in the aviation industry are usually those candidates who secure AME Admission through AME Entrance Exams conducted by the AME colleges which are approved either by the DGCA or their Civil Aviation Authorities. These Institutes Of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering cover the scope of AME training as per the regulatory guidelines and make these candidates competent enough to work & serve in the technical sector of the aviation industry.

The pre-defined nomenclature for these aviation technocrats is Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in India, Aircraft Mechanic in the United States, and Aircraft Technician in Europe. The authorization and the responsibilities for all of them remain the same. However, in India, the person employed in the maintenance trade of aviation holding a Basic License without Type Rating is referred to as Aircraft Technician. The salary of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Aircraft Technician is variable and dynamic whereas in Americas & Europe it is in parity with scales offered in the Indian Sub-continent.

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