What Qualification Is Required For AME?

AME Eligibility requirements involves the stuensts being passed / appearing from 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with a minimum of 45% from a recognized board / univeristy or 3 years engineering diploma apart form this the AME admission criteria include taking the entrance exams or direct admission procdure for the AME institutes. There are basically An AME entrance exams conducted in India, IIA  CET to take the EASA and DGCA approved AME institutes.

Before students can enrol in an AME course, they must first satisfy the following aircraft maintenance engineering (ame) eligibility – 

Educational Qualification

Candidates should have completed their higher secondary education (10+2) or an equivalent qualification recognized by the educational board.

Age Limit

Generally, applicants must be at least 14 or 28 years old at the time of admission, though specific age requirements may vary.

Science Background

Having a strong background in science subjects, such as physics and mathematics, is often required for an AME course. Some programs may also consider chemistry as a prerequisite.

Medical Fitness

As aviation maintenance work involves physical demands and safety concerns, candidates are usually required to meet specific medical fitness standards. This typically involves passing a medical examination conducted by an authorized medical practitioner.

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in the language of instruction is necessary to successfully complete the course. This may include proficiency in English, as aviation-related materials and documentation are often in English.

Entrance Examinations

IIA Group conduct entrance examinations to assess the aptitude and knowledge of prospective AME students. These exams may cover subjects like mathematics, physics, and general awareness related to aviation.

AME Eligibilty Requirments Summary

                       Qualification                  a. 10+2 with minimum of 45% from a recognized board
 b. Engineering (B.Tech) aspirants
                       Stream      Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM)
                       Age Limit      14-28 years at the time of admission in AME
                       Medical Fitness       No physical disability or color blindness

The aviation industry offers a wide range of job options for everyone interested. When it comes to young individuals who wish to work in the aviation industry, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a popular career option. It is necessary to fulfil the above aircraft maintenance engineering eligibility requirements before ever considering a career in aircraft maintenance engineering.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are in charge of ensuring that an aircraft is safe and secure throughout its operation. If you are interested in this programme, you can apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course. 

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