What to do After Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

If you are apprehensive about a career after doing AME- rest assured! As the Career In AME entails inspecting, diagnosing, error finding, testing, and maintenance before certifying an aircraft to be fly-worthy, the future of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer depends on how the Aviation sector performs.  In India, the aviation sector is soaring as the government policies have opened up the skies leading to an unprecedented boom.

By 2020 the aviation industry may touch $ 1 trillion and all the aircrafts thus inducted will need trained aircraft maintenance engineers & aircraft mechanics thus opening up numerous aircraft maintenance engineer jobs from Top Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges In India. The aviation sector will devour 70 million jobs directly or indirectly in the next 5 years.

The demand for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) graduates in India is on an upswing as premier Airlines in India and abroad like Indigo and Spice, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines are on an aircraft buying spree with billion-dollar budgets. Consequently, many career avenues open up for qualified, competent AME professionals.

Career Avenues For AMEs

All who have successfully entered the Aircraft Engineering course or looking to pass Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Admission can rest assured about their prospects.  AME is a career is flying high as opportunities have exploded for AMEs.

Apart from airlines from India and across the world are beckoning they and opportunities await in Foreign Aviation Industries, Defense Aviation Industries, Aviation IT organizations, On-wing Maintenance Support, Training Organizations etc. Other openings include Private Aircraft, Private airports and chartered airlines, cargo & Delivery organizations, MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) organizations, and many other related organizations.

Presently AME’s career doors open for all prestigious airlines & all MRO organizations as an assistant, Technician or as Junior Trainee/Engineer.

Apart from ensuring the quality maintenance of aircraft, AME is the final authority for granting fly worthiness certificates. Hence an AME will always be in demand in the aviation sector.

The position of AME carries very onerous responsibilities. Each aeroplane mandatorily undergoes a Daily Inspection (DI) for gaining authorization before taking off. In fact, an aircraft cannot be allowed to fly without getting a Certificate Release to Service CRS) that can only be issued by AME’s.

Moreover, it is AME’s Responsibility for the overall maintenance of the aircraft including diagnostics, fault-finding and fixing, overhaul & inspection of the aircraft.

Requirements For Embarking On AME Career

Each aspirant for an AME career has to successfully pass from Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India and gaining admission into the Best Placement Colleges In India is advisable. Anyone seeking an AME license should also complete Part 147 Aircraft Maintenance Program and Aviation Maintenance Courses for better prospects.

S/he must successfully complete school with Physics, Chemistry and/or Mathematics from a recognized School board or university. Provisional admission is also allowed after appearing for School Leaving Certificate. Each candidate must be medically fit and should not be afflicted with colour blindness and/or night blindness.

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