Which Field is Better – Avionics or Mechanical?

Careers in Aviation are on a higher trajectory as Indian and foreign Airlines are booming. With many more tourists and travelers, Airlines are expanding furiously and hence need professionals in large numbers opening up new opportunities for aircraft maintenance Engineers or technicians.

Modern Aircraft is an engineering marvel,  a fusion of the man ’s highest to man’s technological accomplishments and mastery over elements. But these acmes of machines malfunction and require timely servicing and maintenance for smooth functioning, just like a car.

What is different and makes the AME’s responsibilities so onerous and carry such enormous responsibilities is that planes transport thousands of passengers and crew. An  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer cumulatively carries an enormous responsibility and has to be accepted if you want to choose this career.

To enter this career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, or Aviation Mechanic- one has to pass through Aircraft Engineering courses from any DGCA approved Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges.

The aircraft engineers are responsible for the construction, repair, and maintenance of the aircraft. Their training entitles them to carry out complex maintenance process including diagnostics, repairing, prognosis and periodical maintenance program as per the Aircraft manufacturers’ manuals. They also issue the critical  Flight Release Certificate for the aircraft to take off.

Difference Between Avionics & Mechanical

Aircraft Maintenance engineering course has the prerequisite for the students to have passed  10+2 level with science i.e. with physics and math. Aspirants then must apply for an AME Course from one of the DGCA approved institutes. Once successfully completed, the student is required to clear the DGCA examination to enter the aviation industry professionals.

The curriculum for 1st & 2nd years of study is common and comprises a combination of on-site studies and on-campus training. Students must choose the fields of specialization, whether mechanical or avionics in the 3rd year.  Many aviation engineering &  aviation institute of maintenance allows this option but not all.


In this stream,  all students must learn the basics of all flight systems. If mechanical specialization is chosen, the aspirants  are mandatorily  required to gather  an in-depth knowledge & comprehension about the physical body, engines and every  other minute detail about  parts of diverse  airplanes including

a) the heavy airplanes

b)the light airplanes

c) the jet engines

d) the piston engines


These students are expected to gain a comprehensive &  in-depth knowledge of diverse electrical, navigational and avionic digital systems contained in any kind of aircraft.

This specialized training comprehensively imparts hands-on and practical knowledge about all electrical systems, instrument systems, radio navigation systems, VHF communication modes, automation systems, including installation, diagnostics, prognostics maintenance and repairs. On completion of the AME Course, the students must successfully pass the DGCA Exams.

An aircraft maintenance engineer, after obtaining this license from DGCA, opens up numerous career avenues and job offers with assured limitless career growth. The avenue to choose whether mechanical or avionics depends entirely on the aspirants, depending on the aptitude, inclination, ability, and capabilities.

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