You Will Never Think That Learning AME Could Be So Beneficial! But It Is!

There was this news the other day, the first luxury hotel in space is going to get operational by 2021, costing a whopping INR 61.6crores per 12-day stay. With life getting fast-paced and stressful on a daily basis, people only wish to fly to their destinations, be it for work, social commitments or vacations. As a result, the overall Air-Borne Industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The passenger lists and therein company profits are continuously growing, and the various airlines are contemplating newer aircraft options to meet this demand.
As per recent news, there is an ongoing trend for new premium economy cabins and seats for flyers. These changes and demands further lead to an expansion of the industry overall. Expansion of the industry means expansion of the wide base of technicians required for maintenance and sustenance of the most valuable assets of the airline industry, the aircraft itself. AME’S or Aircraft Maintenance Engineering technicians are thus, required in good numbers by the industry already and these numbers are steadily rising.
Apart from the direct airlines, AME’s also found good work scope with Government carriers, airports, private carriers, Military agencies with flight verticals, to name a few. There also exist many helipads and helicopter service providers for travel to cumbersome destinations, like Vaishno Devi in India. The idea of helicopter first aids, drones, in-flight services, Virtual Reality up gradations, etc. are being constantly pondered by various technology-based startups. They also require airline expert’s guidance on how to utilize the various aircraft functionalities and options to disrupt the market for their own products.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course thus provides its students a wide scope for work, development and growth prospects in terms of career options. The good part is that an intended student is not supposed to cross a depressing examination for entry. Any science graduate with a decent physics-chemistry-math percentage could enter the field. Moreover, this education and career-option require more of practical hands-on experience and work done, rather than a nine-to-six office-chair job, and additionally, the pay for Aircraft maintenance engineer jobs is far more than a normal engineering graduate.
What matters the most in this field is your level of expertise and from where you may have attained it. As there exist various Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges In India, to work as a successful AME, you require certification and training from a DGCA approved and airport guidelines following institute.
IIA Group is a leading Aircraft Maintenance training provider in Delhi who has been churning out the best of the industry year after year, since last 38 years. We provide the maximum practical training possible in the industry. Our Student List Boasts Of Alumni’s Who Are Currently The Industry Leaders. They have been vouching for our training affectivity. If you too want to be the best in the industry, train with the best.

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