Aviation Courses After 12th in India

It may be the best time to pass out the 12th class with PCM, as so many options await. Each day different careers are being invented and we find science graduates in every field. Engineering still retains its charm as it has ready employment opportunities if one is adaptable. The engineering graduates now appear as diverse as Real estate and Event Management.
However, as you pass out making a choice is still critical. What you choose as a career, will determine your living style and the status you are given in the society. Also, the career options all appear equally alluring. What matters is your own inclination, talent, and capability. With hard work and aptitude, a successful career can be built. One of finest courses are Aviation Courses that offer a career is adventurous and makes everyone look up to you for the responsibility you shoulder.
There are many Aviation Courses After 10+2, and Aircraft Engineering, as well as Aviation Engineering, are very popular choices. There are many Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India with AME Institute being in great demand among Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in Delhi. While Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) can be thrilling if you look for a career away from the ordinary with the ultimate responsibility of making an aircraft airworthy, Aircraft Engineering helps in designing new planes.
For Aircraft Engineering, you have to dedicate four years for the degree course in engineering and is usually called aerospace engineering. However, a license is obtained after Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course that is for three years.
Many people get confused by these closely so it is better to know the answers to these questions:

  • What do you do as an aircraft mechanic?
  • What does an avionics engineer do?

a) What do you do as an aircraft mechanic?

Aircraft maintenance engineers are popularly called by the name of Aircraft Mechanics. The reason is that they perform preemptive checkups, the scheduled maintenance on every kind of aircraft, as well find errors if any. Their job profile also includes repairs if needed. Their work environment is inside the aircraft, on airfields. Long-term repairs are carried out in hangars and repair workstations. Sophisticated instruments are used to measure wear and tear or test controls, or replace components found malfunctioning. You have to seek Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Admission to enter this career. AME Institute that offers AME Course is one of the Best Placement Colleges In India.

b) What does an avionic engineer do?

As part of the aerospace industry, Avionics engineers’ work involves electrical systems onboard aircraft. They ensure the designing and programming aspects by providing computer system support for all onboard communication, navigation and guidance systems. The testing and repairs needed to make these systems perform perfectly is also their responsibility. They also design and develop the avionic instrumentation found in specific airplanes.

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