Duties And Responsibilities of an Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Are you a science student? Are you looking out for alternative career options which may be something different and more exciting than the mainstream engineering or architecture? Are you a parent looking for bright careers options for your kid? Aircraft Maintenance can well be a good choice. These basically include technicians and staff who keep various aircraft in spic and span condition and provide certifications of their flying abilities.

Flying industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds. Already established airlines are continuously expanding their fleet and newer players are entering this arena continuously. Thus, they require ample staff to maintain these fleets as well. Apart from these companies, the DRDO, flying clubs, international flights, Government’s Aviation company, our military, naval and air force’s require their own personalized sets of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

This job involves:


Aircraft maintenance engineer(AME) works require a 3 years training diploma including theoretical and practical studies, structured in accordance with the DGCA and aviation authority guidelines.It involves analytical math, physics and mechanical education backgrounds in general. Moreover, the AMT students required to have a certain level of physical fitness as well. Disabled students are not eligible for the AME Course.

Apart from the education, an AMT also requires an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License after passing the Associate Membership Examination conducted by the Aeronautical Society of India. Pass-outs from only DGCA registered institutes are eligible to enroll for this exam and the license. One of the oldest and the most respected names in these circles is of the IIA Group. With an experience span of more than 37 years, it is one of the most reputed AME institute in Delhi.


An Aircraft Maintenance Technician checks for air-worthiness of a flight. His work profile generally includes:

  • He checks for the worthiness of all aircraft parts and systems. It includes the frame, engine, fittings and other parts of a plane.
  • He has issued a toolbox. With the help of this toolbox, he is expected to solve the discrepancies noticed in any part of the aircraft. The overall well-being of both the toolbox is also the duty of the AME.
  • The AME may thus, be required to work both in day-shifts and night shifts as per flight landings.
  • He is required to work with the flight aircraft engineers and managers directly.
  • All other parts are required to be checked, serviced and maintained by the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer on a daily basis. He overhauls and ensures daily maintenance routines are carried out in the correct manner.
  • A flight is finally given the go-ahead to fly as per DGCA guidelines by the AME.


As per payscale, the salary for this position averages around INR 7.5 lacs per year, a decent pay package with decent growth prospects.

Male or female, this career-path requires strong hands with sharp minds to handle daily work-loads. Do you think you are up for this challenge?

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