How can a Mechanical Engineer become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in India?

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or an AME’s work assignment is full of responsibility which requires them to assess and endorse the fitness of an Aircraft. The general perception is that this technical manpower is the product of institutions offering degree programs in Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics engineering but in reality, they are the product of AME colleges and not the regular engineering institutions.

To be an AME and get access to work on an aircraft, one needs to complete organized training from the Maintenance Training Organisations, which are duly approved by the National Aviation Authority of every country. For the betterment of scope of AME and employability perspective, if these courses are done from the Top AME Colleges In India then the probability of candidate’s selection and employment remains high.

In India, the Director-General of Civil Aviation or the DGCA is the regulatory authority that grants approval and issues directives for the maintenance & training organizations. As per the issued guidelines, a Mechanical Engineer or graduate engineer from any other stream can be employed into the organization as a Certifying staff if,

  1. They clear all the Module examinations for the applied Category and
  2. Demonstrate a recorded work experience of 4 years.
  3. The experience requirement for the other trades is 5 years but for the graduate engineers, the DGCA regulations give them a 1-year relaxation owing to their prior technical qualification.

For success in the Module examination, it is recommended that these graduate engineers enroll for short term AME courses like for Category A, which is of 800 hours or less than one-year duration. These short-term courses if covered from AME Colleges In Delhi or any other metro cities give them a knowledge interface & an additional advantage of appearing in DGCA examination centers located there as well. The reach of airline operators and aircraft maintenance organizations located at the airport in these metro cities always remains a blessing.

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