Factors Affecting The Pay Scale Of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

As Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a global job profile with aircraft maintenance engineer salary ranging from 25k – ₹200K per month across the salary spectrum In India, the median yearly salaries in UAE, one of the most happening global AVIATION hubs- is AED 300,000.

While many factors determine the salaries of any job- AME’S pay-scale is largely dependent on both macro and micro factors. The macro factor of demand and supply is the dominant determinant, the city of employment, the experience and the educational background also play a major role. This is especially critical as the aviation sector is on the cusp of a takeoff.

Apart from the rising in household incomes, there is strong economic growth due to which more people are flying as part of their job profiles. Low-cost carriers (LCC) have entered and are ensuring Cutting-edge information technology (IT) interventions. In this scenario, it is advisable to obtain the best possible education from Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India that offers various aircraft maintenance courses, so that your pay scale as AME soars.

Contributing Factors To Pay Scale Of AME’s

Macro Economic Factors

As in other sectors, the macroeconomic scenario plays a large role in the salaries earned as AME’s. The aircraft maintenance engineering scope is excellent as the major sections in aviation, starting with manufacturers, businessmen, airlines, global businesses, tourism boards to individual travelers and shippers are focussing on India- globally.

In the business segment, along with Increased FDI inflows in domestic airlines, there has been a Surge in cargo movement, imparting the sector both depth and width. The government policy of encouraging tier 2 airports is also bringing in more tourist flows. Hence, Aviation salary as a sector has rapidly risen in India and will soon attract the best global talent.

Geographic Location

As aviation is a global sector, the job profile and salaries vary with which city one is based. For example, the national average salary for an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is $70 k in the United States. While An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) In Dubai Earns An Average Salary Of AED325k Per Year.

On the other hand, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer salaries at Jet Airways can range from ₹24,052-₹1,88,537 per month. Passing out from the Best Placement College In India can guarantee a high aviation salary.

Education + Experience

Experience plays a large part in earning a salary and there’s no substitute for experience. An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer must necessarily possess extensive knowledge of aircraft maintenance procedures and inspection systems. She must be well acquainted with aircraft materials/parts and regulations governing their compatibility with registered aircraft.

Knowledge of troubleshooting, error rectification is imperative along with the ability to select and/or record data for aircraft. An aircraft maintenance engineer must also be authorized with an aircraft maintenance engineer’s license. Passing an Aircraft Maintenance Course from any Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges In India definitely helps.

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